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“Dr. Yang is a skilled and caring practitioner. She was highly recommended to me by my internist when I was diagnosed with a herniated disc and sciatica over a year ago. Dr. Yang spent a lot of time with me, clearly explaining the various modalities she would be using – including acupuncture, cupping, chiropractic, massage. After several visits, my lower back had fully recovered in six weeks without need for surgery or injections. I have continued to visit her Wellness Center on a regular basis for what I consider to be “monthly maintenance.” I always leave there feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, as she can work the tension out of my muscles better than anyone. And to top it off, she is a wonderful, caring person who exudes positive healing energy. She is fantastic! by C. F

I’ve been seeing Dr. Yang for 5 years now. My first visit was a treatment to move along the birth of my daughter when docs began talking about inducing me. Without fail, my labor started shortly after. Since then, I see Dr. Yang on a fairly regular basis to be proactive in my health and wellness. Acupuncture. Cupping. She relieves tight muscles and alignment from strenuous workouts. Can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Yang. Professional, willing to be flexible, friendly, caring. Love her! by A.R

Dr. Yang is a true miracle worker. I suffered from horrendous lower back pain and was thankfully referred to Dr. Yang by a friend. When I was waiting to see her, a patient was on his way out and looked and me said, “She’s amazing, you’re in great hands.” He was so right and I want to be sure to take this opportunity and tell anyone else that Dr. Yang IS amazing and is so sweet, caring and so skilled in her profession. I’m so fortunate to have found her, and strongly recommend her to people any chance I get. by C. K.

I went to Dr. Yang after she was highly recommended to me by a co-worker who had amazing results after her visits to Dr. Yang’s Wellness Center. Prior to my visit, Dr. Yang spent a good amount of time carefully listening to what my issues were, and then let me know what modalities she intended to use on my first visit. During my first and subsequent visits, she takes the time to explain the therapeutic procedures and their benefit. She also recommended natural supplements and stretches that would relieve my pain. I felt relief after my first visit, and the results were even greater in the weeks that followed. I highly recommend Dr. Yang not only for her expertise but for her truly caring bedside manner. by J.V

I was suffering from a stiff neck and pain on my right shoulder, and was getting massage often but the pain wouldn’t away. Finally after doing some research I found Dr. Yang and I am very lucky she incorporates different techniques like cupping, acupuncture and chiropractic, after a few treatments I no longer have the stiff neck and the shoulder pain is 80% better. Dr. Yang treats me like a family member, she’s very warm, caring and such a sweet soul. by J. L

Dr. Yang came highly recommended by my family member and has done miracles for my chronic migraines. Going into my first visit with her I had a headache and left pain free. I have been seeing her regularly and Dr. Yangs treatments have significantly reduced my migraine frequency. I would recommend her to anyone! M.B

I have been seeing Dr. Yang almost for 7 years. She is a warm, caring professional and very good at explaining the answers to my questions to where I can understand them. Ever since Dr. Yang started treating my lower back, I have enjoyed the exceptional service. she makes me feel better whether or not it is acupuncture or chiropractic care. I highly recommend her! by J.K.

Dr Yang relieved chronic muscle tightness and spasms I’ve been having for almost a year in just a few sessions. I’ve tried massage therapy and other chiropractors with little results. She is friendly and attentive and got right to work on my symptoms. She used multiple techniques including acupuncture, electronic stimulation, cupping and acupressure all while applying heat or cooling when necessary. I find her to be very knowledgeable and effective. Would highly recommend her and will definitely go back in the future. by K.W.

Dr. Yang helped me stand up straight and walk again after severely throwing my back out at work! Her knowledge and approach was very calculated, and yielded positive results. She was able to offer helpful advice for stretches I can do at home, as well as dietary suggestions to assist my recovery. I have, and will continue to refer her, as she is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and reasonable. by A. R.

It can be a true challenge to find a doctor who possesses both the intellect and attitude to put patients at ease. Dr.Yang’s superior knowledge and experience combined with her kind bedside manner make her an exceptional doctor, one that I recommend regularly to friends and colleages alike. I feel very lucky to find such a wonderful doctor.
by euj3333

Dr. Yang was highly recommended by my friend and has been amazing treated so far. She is very skillful with delicate care for the patient. Her answer is always professionally and practically. by Anna Park

“Dr.yang is the “BEST” we did not know what was wrong with my son one doctor said he had a stomach virus, but we were not happy with that so we took him to the hospital on a wednesday and that saturday we were in Dr. Yang’s office. My son felt immediately better after treatment. She helped us through some difficult times, if you need a specialist for child, Dr. Yang is the one. ”
by Gloria M.

“I had acupuncture treatment for weight loss, lost 25 lb in 3 months, very knowledgeable doctor and kind staffs, had an amazing experience, and they were by fare best I’ve ever seen.”
by Elizabrth L.

“I and my whole family have seen Dr Yang for several years. i had my lower back and neck pain. I have always worked hard to maintain my blood glucose levels but she always helped me to control my gluose level naturally. I think she knows what she’s doing and I will definately recommend Dr yang.”

“I’ve seen Dr. yang for routine and emergency care and always get the best advice, she is compassionate and truly one of the best docs out there!”
by Victoria U.

Dr. Yang is truly kind and helpful. I saw improvement after my second visit and continue to see her nearly two years later. She is amazing! by S.W.

When I started treatments both acupuncture and chiropractic with Dr.Yang , I was in a lot of pain and had difficulty walking . Within one treatment the pain was subsiding and after additional treatments everything was alleviated . Wonderful caring manner ! Would highly recommend by S. 3LAB

Dr. Yang is an outstanding acupuncturist. She is thorough, spending time working on both sides of your body. This is rarely done by most acupuncturists today. She is also a wonderfully kind person and a great listener. You will leave her office feeling refreshed and like you’ve made a new friend. I cannot recommend her highly enough. by A.S.

“Down to earth doctor, but very professional”
by Melisa D.