EMI (Electro Meridian Imaging)

EMI(Electro Meridian Imaging) is standard computerized acupuncture meridian evaluation system via checking the Yuan (Source) acupuncture points to evaluate organ energy. This diagnostic acupuncture imaging was developed by Dr.Yoshio Nakatani MD,phD in 1951. It is a method of examining the 12 meridian system of the body through electronic measurements. Dr. Nakatani called this method Ryodoraku: Ryo (good), do (electro-conductive), raku (meridian). After electronically measuring the meridians, the exam results were manually calculated using a staggered numbering system for graphing. His pioneering research and development of Ryodoraku would become international within 25 years of it’s discovery.The method of Ryodoraku was refined and renamed Electro Meridian Imaging ™ or EMI ™ by Dr. John A. Amaro in 1982.  It allows the patient to have accurate acupucnture diagnosis,  in addition, a copy of involved meridians may be printed, or a copy of specific points that the patient may use at home to accelerate clinical responce and healing.

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