Postpartum Depression – Acupuncture, chiropractic combination therapy

It is now recognized that 80% of women experience sadness, anger, or other mood and personality changes following childbirth, known as postpartum depression. This alone can cause increased guilt, worry, and anxiety in women, as they feel they are not “cut out” to be a good mother. Many women are unaware how common these feelings and symptoms can be, or that there is support for them. Chiropractic and acupuncture offers drug-free treatment to women and has the ability to address symptoms specific to each individual woman. Natural treatment is especially crucial for those women wanting to breast feed, as previous treatment for postpartum depression has been through medication. It can also be used to help the spouse manage emotional symptoms that they too may be experiencing at this time.

Those combined treatments are extremely beneficial in addressing emotional symptoms, whether these symptoms are a result of hormonal changes, concerns or fears that come with being a new mom, lack of support, or other causes. Treatment can also help the body naturally regain hormonal balance as well as vital energy that may be lost or changed through the process of childbirth. Nutrition is also an important factor that women should be advised on in order to help prevent, or to help treat postpartum depression. Specific dietary changes can help maintain mood swings, increase energy and vitality, and aid in hormonal balance. Nutritional advice is commonly an integral part of treatment.

Studies have shown that women experiencing postpartum depression had significantly higher response rates when receiving acupuncture (69%), chiropractic treatment and other modalities of non-pharmaceutical treatment (32%).

While a large majority of the female population experience symptoms of postpartum depression to some extent, it is critical that women know they are not alone, and that there is help and support for available for them. The first step is helping women recognize the symptoms, so they know when to seek support.  The next step is providing the support. Acupuncture and chiropractic treatment are effective and natural in treating, preventing, and supporting women through postpartum depression.

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